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About Us

Aligning for Health

Aligning for Health is a membership association which, with the support of our members and Advisory Board, will advocate for solutions that address the common challenge of our members – the need for more efficient, integrated and coordinated programs to better improve health outcomes for Americans.

AFH has:

  1. Identified and analyzed many of the relevant social programs across government that contribute to health, such as housing, food assistance, workforce training, transportation and Medicaid. Assessed current opportunities for integration and coordination, and identified barriers to addressing social determinants holistically.
  2. Identified successful state- and locally-developed models addressing social determinants, and reviewed the role of the private sector and charitable initiatives in such models.
  3. Met with county and state officials to understand the challenges and barriers they face.
  4. Worked with AFH members and other stakeholders to consider the kinds of flexibilities that could help to address the needs of high-cost patients.

AFH Will:

  1. Build and execute on an advocacy campaign to support solutions to address social determinants.
  2. Cultivate supportive Governors and state and local officials.
  3. Lobby the Trump Administration and Congress.
  4. Educate interested stakeholders on the right and left.
  5. Work with agencies at the state and federal level to ensure operational appropriateness.

What We Will Do

Our primary goal is to develop a path forward for communities to apply for healthcare performance partnership pilots that would test whether allowing for certain funding and programmatic flexibilities to address social determinants, while maintaining vital guardrails, will impact wellbeing and cost of care. This will require research and data collection, mobilization around common policy, assessment of regulatory and legislative threats and opportunities, advocacy and coalition building, and cultivation of champions at both the federal and state levels.