On March 20, 2023, Aligning for Health submitted comments in response to the Senate HELP Committee Request for Information on the drivers of the current health care workforce shortage. The Committee is seeking feedback to identify bipartisan solutions to remedy the nation’s health care workforce shortages and develop these ideas into legislation.

Identifying and addressing social needs and alleviating the impacts of social determinants of health is critical to improving health outcomes and reducing disparities. Clinicians play a critical role in identifying and helping to develop care plans and make referrals to address social needs. However, clinicians need support in integrating screenings and referrals into workflows without adding burden, and in building relationships and partnerships with critical community connectors that are best suited to assist patients in meeting their social needs.

In our comments, we urge Congress to consider the vital role of community-based providers and entities in bridging gaps in the health care workforce and providing necessary services to address health-related social needs at the community level. Specifically, we provide recommendations around leveraging community health workers to support and enable care in communities, considerations for eligibility and enrollment supports for social safety net programs, and bolstering support for community-based organizations to address the health and social needs of communities.

To read our comments, click here or see below:

Aligning for Health - Senate HELP Committee Workforce RFI - 3.20.23