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Aligning for Health

Aligning for Health is a membership association which, with the support of our members and Advisory Board, will bring a team of federal and state experts to address the issues that challenge the common purpose of our members – the need for efficient, integrated and coordinated programs to better improve health outcomes for Americans.

Social Determinants of Health

Many have posited that a main contributor to our relatively poor health outcomes is the fact that medical care is estimated to account for only 10-20 percent of health outcomes, while that the other 80-90 percent are due to so-called social determinants of health: health-related behaviors, socioeconomic factors, and environmental factors.

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Ongoing Efforts

States have taken steps to address social determinants in Medicaid by using Medicaid dollars to pay for critical services like supportive housing or social service referrals. However, the Medicaid statute limits the use of Medicaid funding on services other than medical services, limiting the extent to which the Medicaid program can address…

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