On September 29, 2022, Aligning for Health held a briefing highlighting programs and best practices on coordinating funding and data to address social determinants of health, featuring perspectives and examples from the federal government, state and local leaders, and their partners.

Addressing social determinants of health requires coordinating services, benefits, and care across both the health care and social services sectors. Often, the funding and administration of each of these programs is siloed, with minimal flexibility to leverage health care funding to pay for social needs, or to share data across programs on eligibility, enrollment, or utilization of services. Organizations across the country have long worked to close these gaps and find ways to coordinate across sectors, and recently there has been growing interest in aligning incentives and providing more flexibility and opportunities for programs to collaborate.

  • Dr. Sandra Ford, Special Assistant to the President for Public Health and Science at the White House
  • Erica Coletti, CEO, Healthy Alliance
  • Sue Polis, Director, Health & Wellness, National League of Cities
  • Amy Riegel, Executive Director, Coalition on Homelessness & Housing in Ohio (COHHIO)
  • Krista Drobac, Co-Chair, Aligning for Health (moderator)
Recorded on September 29, 2022